An Unusual Set of Friends and a Thrilling Adventure

You all know how indispensable smartphones have become. People the world over can’t do without it. Isn’t it?

And the Roses were no different. They were a family of four residing in a relatively large house. And all had the latest phones for their personal use. The four would be so engrossed with their mobile phones that they barely had any time for each other. The only conversation that the family got involved in was- when they wanted to inform the other regarding their travel plans and requirements.
One day the lady of the house, Mrs. Rose, got fed up with the non-conversant scenario. And to change the mundane routine, she announced that they would go for a day trip on Saturday morning, sans their phones. As expected, her twenty-year-old twins emphatically disagreed. But Mrs. Rose was adamant. So finally, after persuading them for a long time, the girls relented. And Mr. Rose readily consented, considering it a good idea to spend quality time with the family. (Plus, one doesn’t want to mess with his wife!!! Don’t you think?)

The family left for their trip, sans their phones.

But that’s where the story begins, my friends.

Suddenly there was a swish of wind in the house. And if anyone had been witness to the unfolding events, they would have believed in magic. Why am I stating this? Because the magical winds caused one of the phones to toss and turn. And soon, it was the turn of the other three to follow suit.
The phone with a red and black tattoo spoke first, ‘’Hey Mates, finally some peace, huh?? These guys are quite crazy. God Bless the woman. A much-needed break!!! Isn’t it??’’
The other three agreed, but they all gave each other a knowing glance as peace would continue to elude the three because the tattooed chap was exceedingly talkative. Apple10X, Samsung, and One Plus Nine knew that he would have non-stop stories and adventures to share. Nevertheless, without humans blabbering around, the atmosphere did seem tranquil.
Oblivious to the discomfort, Jo, as his owner called him, continued, ‘’ So how are your folks?? Mine is quite grumpy. She keeps jamming the keypad. And you won’t’ believe she even tossed me on the bed the other day. I landed with a thud.’’ A sympathetic murmur was enough for Jo to continue, ‘’Friends. She’s quite crazy, you know. I was in so much agony.’’ The tattoed fellows’ feeling quickly changed from pain to dread. And the other three guessed an adventure story was on its way.
However, Jo continued, ‘’ Remember three weeks ago Maya had gone to Paris for a couple of days??’’ All the other phones perked up and excitedly nodded. An attention seeker that he was, Jo had a satisfied smile plastered on his face. Now, he had their attention. Regaining his composure, he continued, ‘’ It was a fantastic experience but one helluva scary adventure. She almost dropped me from the Eiffel Tower.’’ ‘’What?? Say that again!! Are you serious? ‘’. Exclaimed the dark-skinned Apple 10 X. The others looked at Jo with expectant eyes. 10X continued, ‘’ Look, Jo, this better not be one of your wisecracks.’’ Understanding their concern and basking under all the attention shown to him, Jo said, ‘’ No, my friend. I am serious. Cent percent true.’’ Expected gasps filled the quiet that had surrounded the four phones. The air in the room changed from tranquil to one filled with anticipation. Jo continued, ‘’So, the day we reached, Maya visited the University where she had taken admission. Boy! what a huge place…the campus is beautiful with architecture and statues of the bygone era.’’ Impatient, Apple 10 X said, ‘’ Jo cut the details and tell us what happened at Eiffel Tower??’’
To which the latter said,’’ Wait a bit, I’m coming to that.’’ The others who were silent meekly said, ‘’Jo, please tell us. We are grateful that you’re well.’’
Before anyone could say a word, Samsung went, ‘’Tringggggg!!!!’’ The poor phone was vibrating and writhing with discomfort. He was cursing his owner, Mrs. Rose, who had left him in the vibration mode.
However, when the interruption ceased, with a solemn look, the braggart continued, ‘’ Okay, Okay, so listen. Here’s what happened. The next day after the University, Maya went for a tour of the beautiful city. And like every tourist, she went to the Arc De Triomphe. And then to the beautiful Louvre Museum. I must tell you the paintings and art were indeed marvelous.’’
Sensing everyone’s limited tolerance, Jo hastily continued.’’ As evening descended, she went to the most iconic landmark of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. What an architectural marvel it is. No wonder people are delighted when they view this breathtaking edifice. Now guys, keep your ears open. Here comes the most heart-stopping moment. All was fine till level two of the tower. But then Maya wanted to go higher. I was equally thrilled with the prospect of getting a complete view of the city. ‘’
The Apple 10 X jumped excitedly while the One Plus Nine held on to his nerves. He was the quiet one in the group. Jo continued in a soft tone, ‘’Firstly, I don’t know about people and selfies. I mean, what’s the fun??’’ Getting a few angry glances from the others, he continued, ‘’ So Maya was attempting at taking a selfie. And she was practically trying every possible angle to get a perfect click. I was shaking with disbelief and, at one point, was dizzy with all the rotations. However, she finally got an angle. Now hear me carefully. The level we were in has bars placed along the edges for apparent reasons. But Weirdo, that’s what I call her, by the way, looked around to see if anyone was watching. And when the coast was clear balanced herself in the small space between two bars. While I was hanging in the air.’’
Saying this, Jo paused for a moment and enacted his fear. The others were horrified too. But listening to him in rapt attention, ‘’ I was praying to the Lord to knock some sense into the Weirdo. But it seems He had other plans. As I heard the ‘click’ of the camera, I felt my jaws drop. Then, I felt a gust of air filling me. And heard Maya scream- My Phoneeeee!!!!’’
Apple let out a gasp, ‘’Oh Lord!! Then??’’ Exasperated at the dramatic 10X, Jo said,’’ Dude, I’m alive. Your reactions are scarier than my adventure. 10X shot an irritated look at the storyteller. Reliving his fear, Jo said, ‘’But what happened next, reinstated my faith in God. One moment I was looking at Maya. And the next, I was starting to fall. Gravity was about to force me down. I knew my end was staring back at me. But trust God to pull out a miracle. Unexpectedly, instead of the concrete floor, I fell into the comfort of a strong palm. A young man’s instinctive reaction saved me from the horrific end. ‘’
The other three were on tenterhooks by the time Jo completed his story. Finally, they all heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Almighty for saving their friend. Despite being an attention seeker, Jo was overwhelmed seeing the Apple10X, Samsung, and OnePlus9 worried for him.
He gave them all a genuine smile and continued with more stories. Then, one by one, the other three also narrated anecdotes from their busy lives. And as is the case always-with friends around, one doesn’t realize how speedily time passes.
He was about to say something when Jo heard Maya’s shrieking voice. She sounded excited and happy. Neither realized that it was time for the family to come back. The four quickly looked at each other, and Jo whispered, “ Until next time, fellas!!!’’ As they said a hasty bye, the door opened. The four friends went silent.

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